Apassionata Live at The Four Seasons

Over the span of 11 years of nightly performances at Four Seasons, Koenig and Lax have expanded their repertoire with personal arrangements of Contemporary and Classic Rock songs. These are some of the Favorites. Please note that this is a recording of live performances at Ferraro’sRestaurant. Sometimes there will be audible sounds of diners, applause, or silverware and plates. We’ve tried to capture the dynamic quality of “live” music, while using the latest digital technology to create the most beautiful sound. We hope that you enjoy the result.

Song Samples

1. Fragile
2. Europa

3. My Immortal
4. Ever The Same
5. Dust In The Wind
6. Little Wing
7. Thank You
8. Better Together
9. Clocks
10. Landslide
11. Hotel California
12. Somewhere Over The Rainbow / What A Wonderful World